Top 5 must do’s in fundraising

Top 5 must do’s in fundraising

1-      Create a purpose- without purpose you will lose direction.  Have a meeting with your team and identify your objectives.  Keep the goal in mind throughout the process.  Even though htis article is specifically work related, let’s face it- coordinating any sort of fundraising event is just that WORK!  The key is to identify what you love, and incorporate that into you purpose.

How to Find Your Purpose and Do What You Love

2-      Be organized- What type of fundraising are you conducting?  Are you selling a product, holding a car wash, perhaps hosting a large event?  First you must organize your course of action.  Since you have already outlines your purpose, now choose the avenue that will get you to your final goal.  Are you raising money for a school trip?  Well holding a car wash or selling popcorn are both great ways to reach your goal.  Hosting a large event may be too much for the focus of your fundraiser.  Now that you know your options, decide on your main focus.  Perhaps you want to do both a car wash and sell popcorn, great!  Organize your team so each branch of your fundraising efforts are getting the attention they require. Remember the more organized you are the easier your fundraiser will go and the more you will bring in.  Here is a great article on even fundraisers.

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3-      Keep your team well informed- now that you have your purpose and are organized, you need to make sure your team is well informed.  Regular meetings, phone calls, texts and emails are a must.  If your team is left in the dark, then essential items will be put off, or worse forgotten.  Look into some of the free apps out there to keep your group in contact with each other.  Create a group on Facebook, or get an app such as GroupMe


4-      Execute in a timely manner- Fundraisers can take a long time to plan, however you do not want to create too long of a timeline for your event.  Keep your planning time as short as possible, and assignments due as quickly as possible, while still giving yourself and your team the needed time to complete a quality fundraiser.  People will burn out quickly, so make sure you keep things timely.  Depending on the type of fundraiser you are doing is the length of time you will need to successfully complete the fundraiser.  Major events will take month to plan, sometimes a year or more.  Minor events such as a car wash, yard sale, or bake sale can be done in a month or less.  Be realistic with your planning timeline and keep things moving.


5-      Create rewards for your team- if you are planning a sales based fundraiser, remember to create exciting rewards for your team.  Creating a rewards program creates incentive and recognition for those who shine, and encourages those who are struggling.  Simple rewards such as an ice cream party, pizza party, or go all out and do dinner and a movie- just gauge your rewards with your fundraiser, you don’t want all the proceeds to go to rewards.  Put rewards in your planning, add that to the cost of the fundraiser- it will more than pay for itself!

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