Purposeful Fundraising

With the start of the year many organizations start looking at their fundraising goals and ideas for the upcoming year.

American Youth believes in the P.O.W.E.R. system; Purposeful, Organized, Well Informed, Executed, and Rewarding.  Combining these elements makes for a more efficient fundraiser, making it easier, more impactful, and a lot more fun for those involved.  As we kick off 2016 we are launching a blog series to highlight these elements to help you in your fundraising efforts.

To begin we will talk about purposeful fundraisers.  The first step to any fundraiser is to Identify your Needs.  If you do not have a clear outline of your intention, your fundraiser will seem less organized, less productive, and a lot more chaotic.  Identifying your needs also helps to identify what kind of fundraiser you need to plan.  If your goals are high, you may want to recruit the help of a professional fundraising team, such as American Youth. Not all fundraisers will fall under this category though.  Carnivals, craft shows, and special events are also great ways to fundraise a large amount of money- but they also take a lot of time, planning, and a committed team to execute.

Identifying your needs can also help you plan for how many fundraisers you will need to have in order to reach the goals you have through out they year.  Start with writing down all the items that you need to fund raise for, maybe it is new equipment, a trip, or large competition.  Plan out the year based on when you will need to have the funds available for these items.  Once you have your time line created, figure out how much money is needed to fill the need.  Is it a large amount of money that requires a larger or many small fundraisers?  Is it a smaller need that can be done with one well planned fundraiser?  Whatever your goals are identify your top fundraiser of choice for that event.

Once you have your dates and your financial goal outlined, choose what kind of fundraiser or fundraisers you want to have.  Get a team together to discuss the options, and see if you have enough people to support your plan.  Look into companies that can help as well, not only are there companies like ours that will handle the fundraiser from beginning to end, there are also many companies out there that offer fundraising such as restaurants that offer fundraising nights, or stores that offer a percentage to the group on sales.

Create your ideal fundraising outline and start your research.  By identifying the needs in the beginning you have a better idea of how many and what kind of fundraisers you need to complete for the year.

As always we are here to help, if you have questions, feel free to leave us a comment- or even better, give us a call! 888-450-3634

Make it a GREAT day!

–The AY Team

Posted on January 6, 2016 in Fundraising, General

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