From PeeWee Football to the Super Bowl

Congratulations to the Seattle Seahawks 2014 Super Bowl Winners.  With the hype of the year’s biggest sports game behind us, let’s reflect on how they got there.

Many of us have young athletes with dreams of winning the super bowl, the NBA finals, the World Series, or maybe even competing in the Olympics.  Many of these young athletes train hard, fast and furious.  However injury, burn out and sickness are a constant fear.  Here are some tips to help avoid these.

Injury- the key here is proper training.  First, every athlete needs core strength and this should be the foundation of any training program.  Look into working with a qualified trainer to make sure your form is correct.  Many coaches will be more than willing to help with core training, take them up on it!

Burn Out- this comes from poor nutrition and over working.  Three things that must be included in any training program are water, proper nutrition and adequate rest.  There are many amazing articles out there on nutrition, especially for the young athlete- the key to any nutritional plan is balance.  Proteins, Healthy Grains, Fruits and Vegetables, and small amounts of Healthy Fats should be a part of your daily plan.

Sickness- This is the tricky one, especially with young athletes; however if you follow the above recommendations you are already well on your way.  Remember to keep your vitamin C consumption up during cold and flu season.  There are many wonder products out there to help keep the flu away, just make sure their sugar content isn’t too high.  Too much sugar can slow your system down, and possibly lead to sickness.

This is just a brief overview of these topics.  If you are a young athlete, have a young athlete, or are training a young athlete- make sure to do your homework!  It is vital for the future of sports that we keep our young athletes healthy, fit, and ready to play!

Posted on February 3, 2014 in General, News

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