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I recently read an article by Ed Catmull, cofounder of Pixar Animation Studios. After launching the first ever all computer generated animated full feature film, and a story that touched millions; the Pixar team was on the brink of upheaval.  He had gone out of his way to create a positive, progressive workplace, “I’d made…

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I recently had a talk with my son, asking him what he wanted to be when he grows up.  You see this is a conversation I have had multiple times with my children, not as a way to solidify their future career, but rather to see how creative they are.  Now that my oldest has…

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Building Positivity

Whether working with kids, teenagers, or adults- it is very important to build positivity.  To build positivity, first you must be a positive leader, then learn how to overcome challenges in a positive way, and finally keep that positivity going! Being a positive leader, is not as easy as it may sound.  This is not…

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Dream it! Plan it! Do it!

We have all heard the importance of setting goals, and dreaming big.  Our thought for you today is on follow through. If you take the time to set goals, write them down, then put them in a drawer, what good is setting goals? If you dream big, then forget your dreams, why dream at all?…

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Positive Thinking

Welcome 2014!  This year lets make a change in the world!  Positive thinking is key to making any change, be it in yourself, or the world around you.  It begins with you!

Positive Thought for the Week; Change

 You can’t change the whole world, and you certainly can’t change other people, but you do have the ability to change yourself. You can have a positive impact in your job, the people with whom you work, and the entire organization…the choice is up to you. –Cherie Carter-Scott

How to be More Purposeful

How to be more Purposeful You wake up, you go through your day; chores, errands, job, meals, rinse and repeat.  Many of us just go through the motions of the day, feeling like there needs to be something more.  Here at AYS, we strongly believe in being purposeful.  Here are some tips to being more…

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Word of the Week: Joy

According to Miriam Webster Dictionary, Joy: a feeling of great happiness; a source or cause of great happiness: something or someone that gives joy to someone.   This time of year we all search for that joyful feeling in the air.  Joy has many faces, many feelings, many meanings.  Take the time not only to…

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Would you tell me please, which way I ought to go from here? That depends a good deal on where you want to get to said the cat. I don’t much care where, said Alice. Then it doesn’t matter which way you go, said the cat. … So long as I get somewhere, Alice added…

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