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Top 5 must do’s in fundraising

Top 5 must do’s in fundraising 1-      Create a purpose- without purpose you will lose direction.  Have a meeting with your team and identify your objectives.  Keep the goal in mind throughout the process.  Even though htis article is specifically work related, let’s face it- coordinating any sort of fundraising event is just that WORK! …

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This week has been quite eventful for the AIA.  Here we have highlighted a topic we feel needs to be addressed.  Sportsmanship, and the lack of good sportsmanship.  Not in the players, but in the parents, and sometimes even the coaches.  These are the examples our youth look up to, to learn how to be…

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Positive Thinking

Welcome 2014!  This year lets make a change in the world!  Positive thinking is key to making any change, be it in yourself, or the world around you.  It begins with you!

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